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Current Teaching Series

What's up Knoxville? Join us on Thursday evening at Recovery at Cokesbury as we continue the series, Chapter Three. This series, based on Chapters 14-16 of the gospel according to John and Step 3, addresses the basic desire that each of us has to be connected to something greater than ourselves.

This week's message is "On Being a Branch." Who, or what, are you connected with or plugged into? What motivates you? Drives you? Gives you direction? Where do you turn when the problems of life are overwhelming, it feels like the walls are closing in, and pressure is mounting? Let's face it, our own best thinking isn't always great, so it can pay off to spend time with people smarter and more experienced than we are. Join us this week as we learn about what life could be like if we were part of something instead of operating independently. Even lone wolves are searching for a pack.

Dinner 6:00

Worship 7:00

Open Share Groups 8:15

Childcare lovingly provided.