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Current Teaching Series

What's up Knoxville? Join us on Thursday evening at Recovery at Cokesbury as we continue our series, Enemies of the Heart. This series addresses the underlying emotions which drive our addictions and compulsive behaviors and provides tools to help us break free from the shackles which bind us.

This week's message is "Release the Beast." Is your conscience telling you that you've done something wrong? Congratulations! You feel guilty! Now what? What should we do with our guilt? If we live into it, it will bury us, so how do we learn to live without guilt? How do we learn to become happier, healthier people? Join us this week as we learn not only how to surrender our guilt to God but also how to engage in actively dealing with our feelings of wrongdoing and regret.

Dinner 6:00

Worship 7:00

Open Share Groups 8:15

Childcare lovingly provided.