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What's up Knoxville? Join us on Thursday evening at Recovery at Cokesbury as we continue our series taking an in-depth look at the Serenity Prayer: Acceptance. Those of us in recovery know the serenity prayer. We've heard it and said it at every one of our meetings and sometimes find ourselves reciting it a hundred times a day. Perhaps we know what it means to us, or perhaps we simply find comfort in simple repetition. But do we know that those first three lines are just the beginning of the prayer? As with most things that are so familiar, a lot of meaning can be lost in rote repetition. This series will focus on breaking down the walls many of us have built around this basic tenet of recovery.

This week's message is "It Is What It Is." Do you want to have complete control over what happens in your life? When you pray the Lord's prayer at the end of every Anonymous meeting, do you mean it when you say the words, "Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven?" Have you ever considered the idea that nothing surprises God? What would our lives be like if we truly knew peace? Join us this week as we learn how to embrace the world around us and love our way through life's sticky situations.

Dinner 6:00

Worship 7:00

Open Share Groups 8:15

Childcare lovingly provided.