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Current Teaching Series

What's up Knoxville? Join us on Thursday evening at Recovery at Cokesbury as we dive into a new series, Surprise,  leading up to Easter. This series will help us identify, define, and amend the character flaws and poor choices we continue to make which are allowing us to keep living unhealthy lifestyles rather than walking into recovery.

This week's message is "Surrender." Do you think that surrender is a sign of weakness? Would you rather stand up and fight than wave the white flag? Are you afraid that stepping into recovery means losing control? You are not alone. After all, pop culture is peppered with phrases like, "Never give up; never surrender." At its core, recovery is a spiritual journey, and every spiritual journey begins with an act of surrender. Join us this week as we discover how to turn our lives over to a power greater, stronger, and smarter than ourselves so that we might have a chance to truly start living.

Dinner 6:00

Worship 7:00

Open Share Groups 8:15

Childcare lovingly provided.