The Principles of The Recovery at Cokesbury Network

  • We love Jesus and have seen Jesus work miracles here. You can be the next miracle.
  • This is a safe place to share, ask questions or just come and hang out.
  • Recovery at Cokesbury is for anyone dealing with chemical addiction, compulsive behavior, loss, relationship or life change.
  • Scripture is the foundation of our teaching.
  • The 12 Steps of AA are derived from Scripture and are our daily tools for recovery.
  • We encourage participation with AA, NA and Al-anon.

Pain Loss, Fear, Identity

Everyone struggles with some type of hurt, habit or hang-up. For some it’s more serious than others. At least 20% of us, one person out of five, are dealing with an active addiction of some sort. Legal and illegal drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating disorders, sex, pornography, co-dependency, resentment, retail addiction, the list goes on and on. The problems and consequences associated with addictive and compulsive behavior are often devastating for the individual and their loved ones. Active addiction is a pathway that leads to spiritual and physical death.  

Addiction and compulsion is a spiritual disease

with physical, emotional, and mental outcomes.

The Recovery at Cokesbury Network is a Christ-centered, Bibically-grounded recovery program that’s based on the 12 steps and the proven principals of AA, NA and Al-Anon that restore lives.

We  do everything we can to provide help and support for those who struggle with addiction and compulsive behavior in its many forms. Without  training and proper resources, churches are challenged to provide a ministry that can address these issues.


Recovery At Cokesbury

God has demonstrated His work at Cokesbury Church in Knoxville as a site where He has fostered the development of a ministry to serve individuals and families who are dealing with addictive issues and emotional distress. More than 15 years after its first service, Recovery At Cokesbury in Knoxville serves up to 600 individuals every Thursday evening. The majority of these people attend one of the open share groups that follow the service. God has restored hundreds of broken people to meaningful, productive, and joyful lives through this ministry.