Are you ready to Become An RACN Site?

Congregational Culture

How are you going to feel about serving people very different from you?

Have you worked with other churches in your area?

Will you be able to have people smoke outside your church?

Are you a church highly invested in leading people to Jesus?

Facility Requirements



High Speed Internet

  • 30 Mbps minimum

Space for a Meal

Child Care Space

Meeting Room Space (seven rooms)

Support Requirements

Launch Team

Typically $15-20,000 for Launch Expenses

$5000.00 Annual Fee for RACN Training and Content Support

Contemporary Worship Leadership

Level A - Introductory Work

There are 9 stages involved in a RACN location launch.

  1. Initial Contact
  2. Partnership Audit & Requirements Review
  3. Preparation & Commitment Period
  4. Preliminary Communications
  5. Recruiting
  6. Launch Preparation
  7. Training
  8. Launch Advertising
  9. Program Launch

Thank you for making Initial Contact (1). If you are interested in continuing this process, here are the necessary steps to initiate this ministry in your location. Don't rush this process. We have seen how challenging the effects can be when a group of people rushes to launch a program rather than investing wholeheartedly in doing ministry together.

(2) Partnership Audit & Requirements Period

  • Standard Assessment - Mark and/or Alex will meet with the pastoral leader(s) and/or local coordinators of a potential new location on sight to gauge whether it meets minimum requirements.
  • Attend Service in its entirety - If possible, we highly recommend that you and any interested parties attend one of our services in Knoxville or at another preapproved RACN location. Exceptions apply for distant locations which should instead watch our service online and then host a discussion group.

(3) Preparation & Commitment Period

  • A launch team of no less than 12 people should be assembled. It is critical that as many people as possible have direct, personal experience with the issues that this ministry is designed to address.
  • The launch team should begin an intensive study of the 12 steps as its first training exercise. These weekly meetings should consist of working the 12 steps by using Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions and Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • In the first 30-45 days, it will be necessary to identify open share small group leaders for the following groups: Men's & Women's Chemical Dependency, Men's & Women's Codependency and Dealing with Grief, Loss and Pain.
  •           These facilitators must meet with Vicky McDaniel at Cokesbury to be interviewed and approved. This is the most critical part of the process. Good groups lead to good growth and a thriving ministry.

Further information, including a Launch Manual which entails the nuts and bolts of this ministry, will be provided once these preliminary measures are met.